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Jack White TravelingSeptember 13, 2006 Texas Governor Rick Perry commissioned Jack White an honoree Admiral in the Texas Navy. This honor is bestowed on only a handful of people. His health remains strong.

In 1976 Jack White became the Official Texas State Artist. By the end of the millennium he was a master oil painter. An auto accident in 1989 forced Jack to learn to paint with his left hand.  In the early nineties he accepted the challenge to write a series of art marketing books. His six books have become a road map for hundreds of struggling artists. The number is great who give Mr. White credit for their success. Jack has written final drafts on three murder mysteries. His epic historical novel, Ten Years in Texas, is set in the Republic of Texas between the years 1835 and 1845. The book has been given high praise by those who have read it.  Jack White’s book Ten Years in Texas is available on this website or online at Amazon.com. Jack White doesn't give appraisals on his paintings or assist in selling old ones. Click on Gold Leaf Button for appraisal information. Not all emails are answered due to his international traveling and time spent writing books. So if you email and don't get a response please don't get upset. Your message is important, but travel restraints may prevent your receiving an answer.

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